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Kay Hagan Bringing Gun Control Fight to Senate

Kay Hagan (D – NC) has been championing the “Bipartisan Sportsmans Act of 2014” which is a bill originally introduced to allow more hunting and shooting privileges on federal land. I’ve been skeptical of this bill since it was introduced by Hagan. She is reviled by most gun owners here in NC, even after her surprising vote on Manchin-Toomey last year.

The Washing Post is reporting that the new Sportsmans Act is going to be a springboard for new gun control measures in the Senate. I may have watched too many episodes of “House of Cards” but it almost feels like this bill may have been handed to Hagan to introduce so that other anti-gun democrats could amend it to their liking while at the same time giving Hagan a little boost for introducing a pro-hunting bill. Personally, I think this is just another way that the anti-gun crowd is trying to divide the pro-gun crowd.

Republicans want to overturn the ban on large-capacity magazines and assault weapons in the District of Columbia; expand the right to purchase or transport firearms and ammunition across state lines; limit when a military veteran can be denied a firearm due to mental illness; and allow gun owners to carry weapons into post offices or other federal sites. Democrats said they are working on proposals to limit the sale of certain weapons and ammunition; expand the national background-check system; and stiffen penalties for gun straw purchasers.

Get the hunters and fudds to vote for politicians who pander to them, fill the necessary seats in congress to pass an “assault weapon” ban, and then do it. Remember hunters, your hunting rifles high powered sniper rifles will be next on the agenda. We need to stick together.

I’ll be watching this bill closely. Be skeptical.

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