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A Blaster in the Crapper

A customer at the WalMart in York, NC found a surprise when he went to use the restroom: a S&W 642 loaded with what appears to be 5 rounds of Federal Hydra-Shok .38+P.

Police came and retrieved the pistol, and later a man called the police stating that he believed he had left his gun in the restroom.

The above linked article says that they aren’t sure whether or not the man who left the gun has a CCW permit, but judging the the fact that he actually called the police, I’d say he’s probably legally allowed to carry.

This kind of story makes me nervous. Why was he fiddling with his blaster in the restroom to begin with? I carried concealed for a long time before I found myself needing to use a public restroom for a “sit down”. The first time, and every time since then, I’ve always done the same thing: leave the gun in the holster, leave the holster on my pants, and just hold my pants up with my knees.

It works just fine. Pistol is safe in the holster, and easy to get to should I need it.

For those that carry in the appendix position, you may need to flop the pistol/holster combo into your pants where it can rest, remain safely holstered, and be quick to get to should you need it.

It’s never necessary to unholster the pistol, set it on the TP dispenser, or anything else. Carry in a real holster, and don’t leave your blaster unattended.

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  1. But see , thats because you are perfect and in no way an idiot. I stand for your right to speak as profoundly as you do. >.<

  2. If it’s in an Uncle Mike’s holster in your pocket, it stands a chance of falling out after you unbuckle, and can still flop out even when you try to use your knees to keep your pants up. It all goes back to due diligence. Do a quick inventory before leaving the stall, for crying out loud..

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