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BREAKING: Remington to Replace All R51 Pistols


Reports are coming out this afternoon that Remington will not be killing the R51 like many others have reported, but instead will be retooling, and replacing all of the problem pistols.

Interestingly, this comes after big green announced they are closing their Pineville, NC Para plant where the R51 was being manufactured. I suspect these new R51s will be manufactured at the new Remington super facility in Alabama, hopefully with much better quality control.

Unfortunately, I think the damage has been done. I was pretty excited about the R51 before I got my paws on one, but after shooting it, I wouldn’t be interested trying one out again…

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  1. I’ve always liked the look of the Vektor CP1 and the R51 really reminds me of it. I’m glad Remmy is doing the right thing by giving owners a new(!) gun instead of a quick fix. When the new one comes out I’m going to what the reviews say and if all is good I’m on one.

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