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Gastonia, NC Looking To Build “Shooting Park”

According to the Gastonia Gazette, Gastonia, NC has set aside $150,000 to use in acquiring land for building a “shooting park” that would contain skeet fields, and could host tournaments.

Councilwoman Brenda Craig, a leading proponent of the idea, said it emerged last year. It resulted from complaints about the sounds of gunfire at the newly renovated Rankin Lake Park.
Rankin Lake has been a popular recreation destination since the park’s 2012 refurbishment. But visitors have to cope with noise seven days a week from the nearby Gastonia Skeet and Trap Range off Tulip Drive. An adjacent rifle and pistol range adds to the discontent of people seeking a relaxing environment.
City Council members considered reducing the hours of the skeet and trap range but voted against that a year ago.
Craig said she and others began considering alternatives at that point.
“It did not look like those two recreation facilities were going to be able to coexist long term,” she said.

tl/dr; The current shooting range is too popular, and its bothering people at another park. Instead of reducing hours or closing the shooting range, the city is planning to build a new shooting range for citizens.

I like it.

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