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Want To Try IDPA? Shoot H2O Fowl Farms IDPA Saturday 8/9

If you’re interested in getting you’re feet wet in competitive shooting, this coming weekend is a great time to do it. H2O Fowl Farms in Dunn, NC is having their monthly IDPA match, and it’s looking like the weather will be perfect. I’ll be there, and I can tell you that you won’t find a friendlier group of folks to shoot with. If you’re interested, the details are on the calendar page here.

You’ll need a safe holster (no cross-draw, appendix, shoulder rigs, etc) that allows you to reholster the pistol easily. 3 magazines would be a good thing, but if you only have 2, you’ll be just fine. I’d bring 150 rounds of ammo for your pistol, but you’ll probably only shoot 100 or so.

IDPA requires you to shoot from concealment, so some type of garment to cover up your blaster is needed (button down shirt, jacket, fishing vest, whatever…).

Here’s a couple match videos from Ben and I to give you an idea what it’s like. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!



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  1. I was looking for a way to see what this competitve shooting is all about, and really wanted to shoot this Saturday. Sounds like my problem is solved! I’ll plan on being there bright and early. Also looking forward to meeting you, I really enjoy your posts.

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