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Holding an Intruder at Gunpoint Selfie

From Reddit:

“Cousin just posted this from his facebook, guy tried to kick in his door only to be met with an ar-15 on the other side. He’s keeping him under citizens arrest till the cops arrive.”

I have two things to say about this:

  1. Good on the homeowner for being armed and willing to protect himself.
  2. How far downhill has our society slid that when someone is in fear for his life, his first instinct is to take a picture and post it on Facebook?

The good folks over at Carolina Shooters Club are having a discussion about the legalities of holding someone against their will in NC over in this thread. I was under the impression that there were not any provisions for persons who are not sworn law enforcement to hold someone against their will, but NCGS 15A-404 seems to apply here.

(b)        When Detention Permitted. – A private person may detain another person when he has probable cause to believe that the person detained has committed in his presence:

(1)        A felony,

(2)        A breach of the peace,

(3)        A crime involving physical injury to another person, or

(4)        A crime involving theft or destruction of property.

(c)        Manner of Detention. – The detention must be in a reasonable manner considering the offense involved and the circumstances of the detention.

(d)       Period of Detention. – The detention may be no longer than the time required for the earliest of the following:

(1)        The determination that no offense has been committed.

(2)        Surrender of the person detained to a law-enforcement officer as provided in subsection (e).

(e)        Surrender to Officer. – A private person who detains another must immediately notify a law-enforcement officer and must, unless he releases the person earlier as required by subsection (d), surrender the person detained to the law-enforcement officer. (1973, c. 1286, s. 1.)

Even with all this said, I don’t think posting pictures to Facebook while holding someone at gunpoint is a good idea.


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  1. Roger V. Tranfaglia

    Expanded the picture a little,can’t tell if he is black or hispanic. Possible gang banger. There should be damage to the door and/or door frame. He did not run away,could be looking for a free ride (aka:prison). Or he did not want to get shot in the back ,not thet the photographer would do that,being a law abiding citizen.

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