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“Orange Hats For Men” Against Guns

Tonight I came across this picture on Facebook:


I know the picture is a little hard to read, here’s what it says:

“Orange Hats for Men, based in Lake Odessa, Michigan, is a club for men who agree not to be armed in public. There are no fees or dues to belong, just always be polite Policemen in the public are armed, as they should be. However Politemen are not armed out in the public, as they agree not to be. When you wear an orange hat, you agree to be polite, and to be a helpful citizen who is not armed.

Orange Hat Members are not against gun ownership. They do agree to keep any and all weapons in their homes safe and secure always..

Print this as your membership agreement. Get yourself an Orange Hat to wear, if you don’t already have one. Remember you are making life safer for all. TELL A FRIEND ABOUT “Orange Hats club For Men”

Here’s the thing: One of the largest pastimes in Michigan involves wearing an orange hat and carrying a gun…


Considering that as of last week Michigan has more than 562,000 active concealed carry permits, I would dare say that there are a lot more folks walking around with orange hats carrying a gun than not.

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  1. I don’t get why they would try to latch their cause onto “hunter safety orange” hats in one of the top 10 hunting states… just seems that people will confuse their members with hunters that are just plain lost, or maybe looking for the treestand.

    • Maybe since they already know so many people walk around with orange hats they will use that to inflate their numbers? Antis don’t seem to care about the facts… Ever.

  2. That’s hilarious. If I lived in Odessa, Michigan and ran into a guy in an orange hat, I’d start asking him what he was hunting. In town. “Hey, let’s see your hunting license!”

  3. They’re doing it wrong. Get a PINK HAT to show everyone you are a Wuss.

  4. Next time in Michigan, I’ll wear my orange NRA cap.
    That’ll confuse the libtards.

  5. Actually,this shade of orange is the only satisfactory color for hunters to wear under all weather and light conditions.

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