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Hours Before Nationals IDPA Rules CZ Accu-Shadow Illegal for SSP

Hours before the 2014 IDPA Nationals, the folks at IDPA HQ left the following message on the IDPA Facebook page ruling the CZ Accu-Shadow illegal for SSP:

(Facebook link if the embed isn’t showing up.)


Here’s the cited rule:

I ran searches on the IDPA rulebook for both “OEM” and “original equipment manufacturer” and came up with zero results:


I’m not extremely familiar with the CZ Accu-Shadow, but one commenter on the IDPA Facebook page had the following to say:

Looking into the rule book a little more, this ruling making the Accu-Shadow illegal for SSP also makes the pistol illegal for ESP, if the dust cover is longer than 3.25″ (I don’t have an Accu-Shadow handy to measure, but I absolutely suspect it’s longer). If this is the case, there are presumably people on their way to IDPA Nationals with pistols that were ruled illegal for all divisions after they began their trek to Nationals. I really hope this doesn’t cost a bunch of people a lots of money to travel across the country for Nationals only to show up with an illegal pistol.

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  1. Very sad for IDPA…

  2. IDPA should not be surprised when folks just stop shooting their sport. They have had a great opportunity to set themselves apart by being the place for the average CCW person to go and play. The newest set of rules has only pushed people away…people who pay their fees & people who SO their matches. The sole reason I haven’t paid my dues is because of their newest rendition of a rule book.

  3. There is a reason I dropped my IDPA membership. I now shoot USPSA on occasion and enjoy it greatly. With IDPA I was worried I might reload with both feet not fully on the ground!

  4. (Note: I don’t see the original IDPA Facebook message in the post — am I missing something?)

    Wow. IDPA displays the same disastrous timing you’d expect from your crazy aunt, who sits down at Thanksgiving dinner and announces she liked your old girlfriend better than “that trampy new one” — who is sitting right next to you.

    I’d heard the original SP01 was too heavy to qualify as an SSP gun, but remember seeing something on the CZ Customs site to the effect they’d created an SSP-legal CZ Shadow. Sounds like the IDPA Mother Ship didn’t agree — or did, but decided it was more custom than stock (which is far from a clear-cut issue in either direction).

    Whatever the argument, the timing is awful. But it’s kinda what you’d expect from IDPA.

    • It should be embedded. Are you signed into Facebook as a page and not your personal account currently?

      • Ahh. Embedded. I’m not signed into Facebook, visit it rarely, and block pretty much all ad trackers/beacons/etc (especially theirs). Maybe that’s why the embedded bit doesn’t show.

        I found the post on the IDPA FB page. I stand by my Crazy Aunt analogy.

        Lucky for me I shoot guns by a manufacturer who is a major sponsor of IDPA, so there’s zero chance I’ll suddenly find myself holding an Outlaw Firearm.

        And since I’m shooting (and ROing) my club’s rogue action pistol event this weekend, I don’t even need to practice my NBA-style pivot reloads.

        Life is good.

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