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[POLL] Where Do You Stand on the “Respectful Request” Not to Carry in a Business?

It seems that the 2A community is divided on the issue of whether or not to still shop at, and do business with businesses who have issued these “respectful requests” not to carry guns in their stores.

I’m curious where the Triangle Tactical braintrust stands on the issue, hit the embedded poll below, and please share with your friends!

I’m also curious to know why you do or do not still shop at these businesses. Please feel free to tell me about it in the comments below.

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  1. Simple answer I respectfully decline to spend my money there. They have every right to ask and I have every right to shop elsewhere .

    • It’s business, not politics. I say let the business owners stay out of it. They are doing so, the best they are able, without picking sides. Everything in life doesn’t need to be a social or political statement. It’s akin to this Ray Rice crap. I don’t care. I just want to watch football. One thing doesn’t need to be dependent on the other. Sometimes I just want to buy a sandwich without figuring out the political ramifications of white or wheat…

  2. I still shop at such businesses. It seems clear to me that they’re doing just what they need to do to get the anti-gunners off their backs, but that they don’t really want to ban guns. If they did, they could do so quite easily. The way I see it, they’re going out of their way NOT to post, and I appreciate that. Really, they’re helping the anti-gunners look like fools, and I appreciate that even more.

  3. I still shop there and carry concealed. It’s obvious that the position taken is aimed at open carry, otherwise they would simply post gun buster signs and call it a day. It’s the easy corporate way out that allows them to placate the majority of their customer base. Can’t fault them for that. It’s the sound business decision and makes the most sense for customers, the business, and shareholders.

    What is ridiculous is the belief that this in any way, shape, or form changes the security of shoppers for the better. Anti-gun hoplophobics might “feel” safer without open carry and in ignorant bliss of concealed carry, but there is no quantitative change in actual safety.

  4. I tend to take my business else where after a business issues such a request. I would rather spend my money with a company that believes in the Constitution as I do.

  5. I view it as their attempt to not pick a side. If they “respectfully request” that we don’t carry guns, the Anti’s declare victory, and move on to the next target. However, since they haven’t posted we can still legally carry there. I will still shop there, and I will still carry. If they post, my money and I will go elsewhere.

  6. As I feel and current statistics support, the banning of guns makes the area in which the banning holds sway far more dangerous. I also feel that the banning of guns in places of private business is more of a banning of people with those beliefs and presume they must not want my business, since from a corporate perspective you want to maximize profit and any restriction that’s not legally required, if applied, could reduce profit. So if a business so dislikes the notion that law abiding permit holders could be armed in their store I can make it my business to not spend my money there.

  7. If they post it, I refuse to go in. No reason to. A local mall posted it. I haven’t bed back since, especially considering there’s been a shooting there.

  8. They exercised their property rights so I exercised my spending rights.
    Whatever I need, I can get from some place else.

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