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Someone Stole Daniel Horners Guns From the Mail

Taran Tactical Innovations posted the following embedded post on Facebook tonight:

For those who don’t Facebook:

“Hey guys, we have a case of some stolen guns and are looking to our fans and supporters to help us and their local PDs in tracking down these criminals before someone gets injured or killed. A shipment meant for Daniel Horner was intercepted by presumably a UPS employee between Newbury Park California and Atlanta Georgia. The missing weapons are two completed TTI Benelli M2s and a stripped Sun Devil lower (Benelli M2 SN#M729172, Benelli M2 SN#M837157, Stripped Sun Devil Lower SN#223-3922). If anyone knows anyone who works at either of those UPS distribution centers or have any information that may be pertinent in the recovery of the guns, please contact us via email at [email protected] or your local pd. We really appreciate your guys’ help in this, and we hope we get get those guns out of the hands of criminals and back into the hands of our supporters. Thank you”

If you’ve heard anything, hit them up.

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