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An NC Parallel to the Shaneen Allen Case

Recently, a commenter posted on the NCGunOwners.com (NCGO) web forum about a possible pending felony charge in NJ and how it would effect his ability to purchase a firearm here in NC. He’s an NC CHP holder who was pulled over for a traffic violation in NJ, and he informed the police officer of his concealed handgun during the traffic stop, at which point he was arrested. After answering his original question, I couldn’t help but re-read some of the things he posted and make some comparisons to the Shaneen Allen case.

  • Both this poster and Sheneen Allen are not residents of NJ

  • They both have valid CHP’s in their home states

  • They both were pulled over for a traffic violation, and notified the police officer of their concealed handgun

  • They were both arrested

That’s about where the similarities end. The poster on NCGO stated that he was in New Jersey for under 5 hours, including his time at the police station, whereas Ms. Allen was arrested and jailed for 46 days.

Why the double standard NJ? Why are these cases being treated differently?


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