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Andrew Branca Announces ‘Law of Self Defense’ Webinars (With Discount Code)

Andrew Branca announced earlier this week that he’s going to begin doing some of his Law of Self Defense seminars virtually, in a webinar format. He setup a special discount code just for Triangle Tactical readers, so if you’re interested, go here, and use the code TT to get $10 off the price of the webinar. The first webinar is Saturday, October 18, 2014, just a few days away…

If you’re not sure who Andrew Branca is, and what he does, have a listen to Episode 86 of the podcast where we scratch the surface of self defense law.

Being that Andrew doesn’t have to get on an airplane and fly halfway across the country to give the seminar, the cost is reduced, but you still get the same instruction. Here’s the details from the man himself:

Don’t Delay: Get Your “Legal Body Armor” Today!

The Law of Self Defense Webinar is a 4-hour in-depth online live event that instructs on the laws governing the use of force in defense of self, family, others, and property.

The webinars are customized for each participants’ state-specific self-defense statutes, jury instructions, and court decisions for the participants (see below for details).  Every participant is sent a printed customized copy of the ~250 slide presentation that includes the specific self-defense laws of YOUR state.

Build A Legally-Sound Self-Defense Strategy Customized for YOU

The value presented by the Law of Self Defense Webinar is considerable.  Over the course of 4 hours, and at a fraction of the cost of consulting one-on-one with a lawyer, you will learn how to build a legally-sound self-defense strategy by:

– Learning how to minimize your vulnerability to prosecution and civil suit.
– Preparing yourself to win BOTH the physical AND the legal battles.
– Learning not just the letter of the law but also how it’s actually applied actual courts and prosecutors to actual people.
– Knowing what a prosecutor MUST prove in order to defeat your self-defense claim.
– Learning key strategies for “armoring up” the most common legal vulnerabilities.
– Understanding the incredible legal risks of defending others, and the strict limits on defending property.
– Learning what “Stand-Your-Ground,” the “Castle Doctrine,” “Presumptions of Reasonableness” and “Self-defense Immunity” REALLY mean . . . and what they DO NOT mean.
– Knowing what to say to 911, to the first responders, and to the investigative officers (pro-tip: each interaction is VERY different).

Customized for the State-Specific Self-Defense Laws of the Participants

During the live webinar illustrative statutes, jury instructions, and court decisions are drawn from among the many states from which participants have registered.  That is, if participants have registered from 12 different states, as we proceed through the webinar we will randomly select from among those states’s laws to explain various points. Time does not allow every point to be illustrated with the full-text laws of every represented state.

However, the printed presentation YOU will receive is TOTALLY CUSTOMIZED to YOUR state, and includes all relevant self-defense statutes, jury instructions, and court decisions of your state placed in the context of the webinar.  When you receive your copy of the presentation you will find EVERY point illustrated with the relevant law from YOUR state.

Live Webinar Enables You to Ask Questions, Explore Hypothetical Self-Defense Scenarios

In addition, the webinar interface allows you to type in questions or ask about specific hypothetical self-defense scenarios addressed to Attorney Branca.  At regular intervals he will select from among these questions and scenarios to provide detailed law-based feedback.  (Keep in mind, however, that this webinar cannot and does not provide personal legal advice. If you are in need of legal advice consult a competent lawyer in your jurisdiction.)

Webinar Access

Shortly after registering here you will be sent a Webinar Access email from Law of Self Defense containing your personal password and other instructions to access the webinar on the scheduled date and time.  This password will only work for a single login, so you must not lose or share it.  (Note: This password confirmation is separate from the confirmation you will receive from Eventbrite.) If you find yourself unable to participate in this webinar email us at [email protected] and we will gladly shift your password to another webinar date. (There are no refunds.)

If you’ve been waiting for Andrew to come back to the area for a seminar, this is another great option as long as you have an internet connection.

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