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Larry Vickers Revives the RTF2 Glock Frame

This morning on Facebook, Larry Vickers announced that he, in partnership with Lipsey’s (a wholesale distributor) is coming out with a signature line of Glock pistols. The Glocks are FDE colored Gen3 frames that have the old RTF2 texture that I think everyone loved. They will also come with a bunch of Vickers Tactical branded stuff (Vickers sights, mag release, slide stop, and baseplates). The pistols also feature “LAV” in the serial numbers for the die hard Vickers fans.

At first glance, I thought these were Gen4 frames with the RTF2 texture, but they are just the regular old Gen3 RTF2 Glocks. They haven’t been available for a while though, so if you’ve had a hankering for an RTF2 Glock, now is the time. I’m going to stick with my Gen4 guns though.

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  1. Would it be whining if I pointed out that these won’t be available in California either?

    Yeah. You’re probably right.

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