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Cover Six Tactical out of Clayton, NC is Good to Go

A few nights ago I was cruising my internet sources checking the price of bullets, powder, and primers online. I came across a link to an online store called Cover Six Tactical. Turns out they are just down the way from me in Clayton, NC and they had more pistol powder listed in stock on their website than I’ve seen since I started reloading earlier this year.

I was down to about 1.5lbs of powder, so when I saw they had 8lb containers of Bullseye and 700x in stock, I quickly consulted the wife (and my load data book), and then placed an order for a keg of Bullseye. During the order process it was made very apparent that they do not ship powder or primers, and I liked that they were very up front about that. Not a big deal though, since Clayton is just down the road from me.

I couldn’t find any store hours on their website, so I hit the contact form and asked when I could pick up the powder. I received a reply rather quickly stating that they don’t have a storefront, and I could pick up the powder the next evening or if I wanted they could meet me in North Raleigh and I could pick it up any time during business hours. I work in North Raleigh, so this was the option I chose. Turns out we were able to meet in a very convenient location, so on my way into town on Friday morning I stopped and picked up my powder.

Friendly folks, good service, quick communication, and the price on the powder came out to about $20/lb which isn’t bad these days.

If you’re in the Triangle, check them out for reloading supplies, I’ll buy from them again.

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  1. You know how when you find that out of the way fishing hole that’s stocked up, and nobody knows about it? You just told everyone about my secret fishing hole.

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