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I Like Where Taurus is Going with the Curve Pistol

Yesterday the internet went crazy over the Taurus Curve pistol, mostly with bloggers bashing it. A lot of the criticism was warranted, but the Curve has some things going for it.


The Taurus Curve is a new .380ACP pistol that quite literally is curved to fit your body (if you’re right handed, sorry leftys). I couldn’t care less about this feature, but it seems that the Curve has a couple other things going for it:

  • Built in weapon light (and a laser too, but nobody cares about gimmicky lasers) that won’t get in the way of holsters and such. I’ve said it many times that once someone can make a weapon light that doesn’t suck that can fit in a normal sized holster, I’m in. This is a step in that direction.
  • Snag free design. The Curve isn’t ugly, it’s fugly! That’s just fine though. All the edges are smoothed over, rounded off without any sharp corners or anything to print or poke the person carrying it.

Those are about all the good parts I can see on the Curve. I don’t like that Taurus is recommending that it be carried with the built in clip and a MIC holster-ish clip over the trigger guard:

  1. In my opinion any pistol should be carried in a holster that covers the trigger guard, no exceptions. The trigger guard clip covers this, but it’s hardly a good carry system for a gun designed for concealed carry.

  2. Looking at a picture on the Taurus Curve website, it looks like the clip makes the pistol ride really low in the waistband, making getting a full firing grip on the pistol difficult or impossible without readjusting the pistol in your hand after unclipping it.

Is the Taurus Curve a home run? Not even close. I appreciate that they are innovating, and working to make pistols that are specifically for concealed carry, but I think the Curve needs a little more work. I’m excited to get one in hand to check out, but I doubt you’ll ever find one in my safe.

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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. Finally — the gun that lets me throw bullets on curved trajectories, just like in that wholly factual Hollywood movie.

    Right? Right??

    Oh, wait…

  2. I look at this gun as the spiritual cousin of all those goofy cars that Pontiac came out with before they left us. Sure, they came out with the single ugliest car ever made (the Aztek) but also came out with Solstice and the insanely great GTO.
    Or maybe a better example would the Mac Cube, or the stupid hockey puck mouse the original iMac shipped with. They never caught on, but they were signposts that pointed towards a design language that changed how EVERYTHING is designed.

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