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I haven’t been seeing a whole lot of progression in my shooting recently, because, frankly, I haven’t been practicing.

I haven’t been practicing because I haven’t been able to shoot a USPSA match since… ah… May?

When I shoot competitions, I really care about the USPSA matches, and most everything else is just for fun. The closest things I’ve been getting to USPSA recently are the classifier stages that Ben has been designing into the stages at the Wake County Action Pistol matches. They don’t count, but I can at least look at my scores, and run them through Classifier Calc and see how I’m doing.

Currently, I’m a C class USPSA Production shooter. I shot just enough classifiers to get classified, and then found myself on USPSA sabbatical due to work. Thankfully I’m changing jobs soon, which will put me on a Monday-Friday schedule, so I’ll get my USPSA matches back, which is a big motivator.
On top of that, I shot Monday’s Action Pistol match with my Glock 19, from my Production belt with Ghost pouches, etc. We shot the CM99-10 “Times Two” Classifier at the match.
It was my second stage of the night, and because I was the RO, I walked it a couple times, and shot it first.

Everything went as planned, and I ended up shooting it in 9.37 seconds with one charlie, which gives me a mid B-class score.

Sure, it wasn’t a GM time, but I’m not a GM. The fact remains that I shot the stage well, kept an eye on my sights, called the charlie, and had a respectable run for myself.

As I finished the stage and unloaded and showed clear, someone behind me said “Yeah, yeah, but did he hit anything?”

Yes I did, and I’m happy with it. Knowing that I did what I was supposed to do, at my current level of skill, is motivating.

Time to “get to work”.

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