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Frontline Defense Ranging Contest

frontline defense contestPaul at Frontline Defense USA is running a ranging contest over at Carolina Shooters Club asking folks to judge the distance a 10″ steel plate is placed from the shooter.

The winner of the contest wins a 5hr range pass, and you have until noon on January 1st to enter your guess over at CSC.

I’ll be honest here, I know absolutely nothing about ranging using a scope, although I did do some fancy photoshop work on the image, and I posted my guess in the thread on Carolina Shooters Club too. I have to say, this gives me a LOT of respect for the folks that can look through a scope, and make these decisions on live targets without the aid of a computer for image enhancement.

If you want to hear more about Frontline Defense, check out Episode 44 of the podcast where I interviewed Paul about the facility.

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