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Bored? Want To See a Bunch of Ruined Glocks? Try This:

Not long ago I posted about following the #kydex hashtag in Instagram, and how not all folks making holsters really know what they’re doing. Today I came across even more derp, and I had to share it. So, if you want to see a bunch of completely ruined tactically stippled Glocks try this:

  1. Go to Armslist
  2. In the search bar at the top of the page, type “stippled” or “stippling” and hit enter
  3. Click on listings and laugh uncontrollably while wondering what these folks were thinking

This one is one of the best… (probably a troll post, but someone had to actually make it…)

Listen, I’m not anti-stippling. If you feel like you need some extra traction, adding some extra texture to the pistol is a quick fix (although I’d push you towards grip tape before you grab the soldering iron) and I’ll be honest, whenever I see a pistol done up by Boresight Solutions I drool a bit. Here’s the thing though, don’t fire up the soldering iron, and go to town on your new Glock without any practice. Pmags are a pretty inexpensive part to practice on, as are removable backstraps both of which won’t ruin the re-sale value of your pistol if you screw up and burn a hole through it.

Seriously though, grip tape. Magical stuff.

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