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Frightening Pranks: How Often Does Someone Pull A Gun?

Crusing around on Reddit tonight, I came across this story about a girl who was set up to be on the TV show “Scare Tactics”.

“I’m not sure if this counts or not, but my dad put me on the TV show, Scare Tactics. The episode never aired, because I pulled out a gun…”

She was set up by her father, who didn’t know that she carried a gun. Without telling the whole story here, just know she won Scare Tactics.

I love pranks, but I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t bother with the crazy scare pranks, because I couldn’t live with myself if someone got hurt.

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  1. I’ve wondered about that. I figured somebody sooner or later would pick the wrong subject for one of those idiotic shows and the subject would fill the pranksters with holes.

  2. I’ve wanted to reverse-prank these A-holes for a long time. Set the producers up to think they’re going to prank someone and then have the “victim” pull out a gun and “shoot” the prankster to death. Then have the ambulance haul the “dead” prankster off and have some fake cops start interrogating the producers aggressively. Threatening felony charges for the prank and telling the producers that they better hope that the prankster doesn’t die, because that’s felony murder. Of course, after about 30 minutes of intense interrogation, the “cops” get a phone call and are told that the prankster has “died in the hospital,” and they are now facing felony murder charges. Slap the cuffs on them and roughly shove them out the door where they meet the still alive prankster.

    I think that’d be hilarious.

    • I’d pay to watch that lol

      I’m all for a good joke and I don’t mind the harmless pranks, but I don’t think hurting or seriously scaring someone is OK, it’s not right.

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