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What Motivates You?

On the drive home today I was listening to the latest That Shooting Show with Steve Anderson. The jist of this episode was that Steve isn’t motivated by winning, but rather shooting a match at the best of his ability.

When I got home I started to practice dry fire and I turned on my favorite Black Sabbath Pandora station. After a bit of practice and listening I heard an alternative view of winning:

On the drive home I thought Steve was right. After thinking about it some more, I thought Ozzy was right. Now, I think they’re both right.

At my current level of skill, the only way I win a match is if all the big dogs stay home so winning shouldn’t be a huge motivator, but it still is. It feels good to beat others shooters that I respect, that have a similar level of skill. Winning doesn’t have to be an overall match win, it can be a division or class win, or just a win against the people I respect.

On the other hand, when I shoot a really good stage, and I do everything right, it feels awesome to walk away knowing that I did the best I can do given my current level of participation.

Which is it for you? Winning, or just doing your best?

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