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Dissecting Glock’s “This Spring” Ad

Earlier today, Glock posted this picture on their Facebook page, with the caption “This Spring”. They said nothing else about it.


Well, if you’re like me, you’re hoping that this could mean a super special new spring to fit in the Glock unicorn singlestack 9mm pistol that we all hope exists somewhere behind lock and key in Smyrna, GA.

I decided to do a little digging into this picture to see what I could come up with. The first thing I did was pull out both of my Gen4 Glocks (a G34 and a G19) and have a look at their recoil springs. Both of them are obviously too long, so I did some looking for a Glock 26 recoil spring.

Glock 26 Spring:

The top picture is a Glock 26 recoil spring, and the bottom picture is the same as the top, I just worked a little photoshop magic on it to change the color. It’ll be apparent why I did in a minute, keep reading:

Gen4 G26 Springs

Glocks “This Spring”

Next I had a look at the picture that Glock posted, and cropped out just the spring from their ad. Top picture is the Glock “This Spring” spring picture, and the bottom is the same picture, just with a little color removed, and other photoshop magic:

Glock This Spring


Lastly I did the obvious thing and laid them on top of each other. When doing this, I had to make some assumptions about Glocks “This Spring” spring. I assumed that it was about the same diameter as a Glock 26 spring, and in doing so, it ended up being about the same length. In reality it could be scaled bigger or smaller, but we don’t have any more information to go on. I also don’t have perfect pictures to work with, so I did a poor job photoshoping out some shadows from the G26 spring, but I think it still conveys the idea well enough.

Glock this spring and g26

If you look carefully, you’ll notice they both have about the same number of coils on the larger spring, and the “This Spring” spring appears to have a little tighter wound coil on the smaller spring. Of particular interest to me though, is that it looks like the “This Spring” spring has a little longer outer/larger spring than the G26 spring, which I’ve blown up below:

GLock this spring overlay

So, what did I learn from this? Absolutely nothing. I don’t have enough information to speculate anything about this new spring at all. In my opinion it could probably be used in a singlestack 9mm pistol, or it could maybe be scaled up and used in a Glock pistol chambered in .50AE, or it could be scaled up even more and used as suspension for a dump truck or a line of Glock po-go sticks. At this point I don’t know enough to speculate about the spring itself.

I’d like to think that if Glock was planning to release a singlestack 9mm pistol this year, they would have done it at SHOT show, but then again, S&W released the Shield at the NRA show a couple years ago, and the 2015 NRA show in Nashville is coming up later “this spring”. We’ll see.


Glock dropped another ad with a picture of a slide profile. I dissect it here.

This spring slide ad

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  1. This post was a useless waste of electrons. I’m dumber for having read it.

    • And yet you do literally the exact same thing you accuse him of by writing a waste-of-words comment. The irony is palpable. Interesting speculation Luke, and when you consider the fact that they did release the picture as some sort of mystery for people to speculate about, you almost have to assume it goes with a new gun they plan on releasing soon. I guess we all wait and see (and really wait until grandpa Gaston kicks the bucket and we see how far Glock will expand it’s market).

    • You were just as dumb before you even turned on your computer.

  2. The ad performed flawlessly. It gets the target base to try to dissect it and wonder what is coming. The ad agency is smiling!

  3. I tired of all the jerking around. I want my S&W Shield sized single stack 9mm and I want it NOW.

  4. I’ll just keep my old Glock 22; interchange the 40 & 357 Sig barrels and use the 40 mags; use my 9 barrel & mags in the same slide and frame. Lots of fun and a .22 conversion thrown in for further gas. Sprinco powers the slide.

  5. As soon as they make ghost parts for this Im getting one!

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