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Is the Glock 43 Cat Out of the Bag?

I filmed this video last night explaining all of the Glock clues and my “photo forensics” work that I did on the clues.

Since posting the video, another picture has started making its way around social media, and it looks pretty convincing:


I don’t read a lot (I don’t read any) gun rags, so the graphics on the page don’t look familiar to me, but after giving it a glance, it looks legit to me.

I also feel like I’m having déjà vu from this Glock 42 leak last year…


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  1. Under the page number, you can see the URL for Recoil magazine: Recoilweb.com.

  2. Now that we have a real image, and know the length, can you overlay some other common guns on it, like the Shield?

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