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Another Reason To Carry Your Flashlight

From podcast listener Wesley about the Gear That Doesn’t Suck segment we’ve been doing on the podcast:

Lucas, thanks for “gear that doesn’t suck.” Got a StylusLight Pro several weeks ago based on your comments. Friday night out pig hunting in Florida we were after one my friend wounded. Had the StylusLight with me. Short version. The wounded pig charged me out of the dark and I couldn’t get my rifle up in time. Shined the flashlight into the pig’s eyes and it changed direction and it didn’t hit me. Later when we got the pig cornered, it took three rounds from my .44 mag to put him down. Tough pig. I had the flashlight because it’s easy to carry. It may have saved my ass that night.

I can’t imagine almost getting gored by a wounded pig, and I’m glad Wes had a light handy and I’m even more glad that shining it in the pigs face worked.

If you don’t carry a flashlight every day, you should. I don’t leave the house without one. A while back we recommended the Streamlight Stylus Pro as a good EDC light. It’s not the brightest, or coolest looking, but its a good performer and easy to carry.

If you want one, get it here:

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    Flashlight AND a multitool!

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