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Simple Self Defense: Lock Your Doors

I just came across this video, and watching it, and thinking about how long this guy was in the house is frightening. He just walked in, looked moderately harmless, but the caption on the videy says that he was found in the kitchen holding a steak knife. He’s lucky mama didn’t feel more threatened and give him both barrels.

So this video is to say two things. One always lock your door. Number 2 this is why our right to bear arms is so important. I was using the restroom when my kids ran to tell me there was a man in the house I grabbed the shot gun and went out to find him in my kitchen holding a steak knife. You will see a woman with a shot gun is no match for a man with a steak knife. Thank god I ran him out. Please share in support of our right to bear arms.

Posted by Savannah Laine on Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I have a friend who had a somewhat similar situation recently. He says that he ALWAYS locks his doors, but a couple months ago he and his wife had just returned from grocery shopping when he heard something out of place, and came around the corner with his J-frame at the ready to find two strangers standing in his living room. After a very tense couple of minutes it was determined that the people were in the area for an open house next door, but apparently weren’t paying attention and entered the wrong house. Scary stuff. Lock your doors, it’s the first step.

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