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Use a Mirror for Adding Distance in Dryfire


Ben just might be a genius. Like most of you I assume, adding distance to my dryfire isn’t the easiest thing to do, because my house is small. With a 1/3 scale target, I can get a scaled 25y if I stand at the very back of my garage and make use of every inch. That isn’t great for practicing the further distance targets much.

I have some 1/6 and 1/12 scale dryfire targets, but in playing with them, I’ve noticed that my practice is missing the focus shift from far to near, near to far, etc. For me, with my awful nearsightedness getting the focus shift of the different distances is important in practice.

Ben spearheaded this while on vacation a couple months ago by using a mirror on the wall and a target behind him to add distance to the target. It works just like the eye chart at the optometrist office. I’ve been playing with it a bit at home, and it’s freaking awesome.

Ben found a cheap square mirror at Wal-Mart that he’s been using like a port on his wall, and I’ve been playing around with the big mirror in my living room, although I’m thinking I’ll pick up a smaller square mirror like this to use as well.

Give it a try, it’s great.

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