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Stippled Sig P320 Not Allowed in SSP at IDPA World Shoot

The IDPA World Shoot took place this last week in Oklahoma. Today, the internet is up in a huff about a shooter at the World Shoot who was DNF’d at the match because he was registered in SSP division and had a stippled grip module on his Sig P320.

The SSP rules say the following: Stippling and texturing may be performed on readily replaceable parts of the grip frame such as replaceable back straps and replaceable grip panels.

Is the Sig P320 grip module a readily replacable part? Scott Springer from Springer Precision recorded the following video, which, to me, proves that it is:

Sip P320 grip module change.

Posted by Scott Springer on Monday, September 21, 2015

With that said, the Sig P320 is a little more than a “grip panel” or a replaceable backstrap, but it is readily replacable, and it isn’t the frame (which on this pistol is completely separate from the grip module).

What say you? Should a stippled P320 be legal in SSP?

Would it change your mind if I told you that I’ve also heard that this shooter shot the same gun at S&W Indoor Nationals and passed equipment check there?

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  1. The grip module is readily available on the SIG Webstore for $45.

  2. I see where they are coming from but this guy got the shaft! You have to update your rules constantly to follow technology.

  3. Another example of arbitrary rule enforcement in IDPA. Mason was playing by the rules and got the shaft anyway.

  4. I like IDPA, but increasingly see it as a way to shoot my carry/psuedo carry gear.

  5. Most games have dumb rules. Ever watched a ball game? This is just a game.

  6. When I set up a carry gun that I will use to protect myself and my family, I don’t consult the IDPA rule book. Unless you’re making the firearm unsafe, any stippling to the frame or grip module should be legit in my humble opinion.

  7. Was this a stock grip or was it altered? Does this DQ all p320s?

    • It was stippled, which means it was definitely altered. A stock P320 is just fine for SSP. The argument was that since IDPA allows stippling on removable parts (like backstraps on the M&P) that the P320 grip frame was a removable part too. The folks at IDPA disagreed.

  8. IMHO, another arbitrary ruling by IDPA to suit their agenda instead of adhering to the rules as they wrote them.

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