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Blog contributor. Active in IDPA and USPSA, and he won't flinch if you call him a rules lawyer. Ben is a beard wearing, bacon eating, whiskey drinking, motorcycle riding, coder.

Jerry Miculek’s 1000 Yard Shot: The Final Chapter

Okay, you’re sick of hearing about it, but give me a chance to make my closing statement, if you will. First off, regarding the part in my original post about Instructor Zero: On the other hand, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about my strongly worded rebuke of Jerry Miculek, particularly the “making luck look like skill” comment. Perhaps my friends are right. I even had one non-shooter buddy comment to me that he remembers …

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What the Video Doesn’t Show

The other day, Luke posted a link to a video of Jerry Miculek shooting a 9mm revolver at a target 1000 yards away. The very sensationalist video (“WORLD RECORD!”) purports to show Jerry hitting a party balloon with an unmagnified red dot optic and a 6 inch barrel revolver. What Jerry is actually doing is shooting a steel plate (I’d approximate it at two feet by four feet) and popping the balloon with a splattering …

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Shooting on the Move in USPSA, Part 2

Last week, I wrote a blog post about shooting on the move in USPSA and IDPA. That weekend, I shot a USPSA match. Lanny Bassham teaches us that if we talk about doing something, or write about doing something, or even just think a lot about doing something, we’ll probably do more of it. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I found myself making stage plans at the USPSA match that involved shooting on …

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The M9 and 9mm: What’s good for the military is good for the gander?

The military is talking about replacing the M9 again, which always stirs up a caliber war about whether or not 9mm is a suitable manstopper and why the military doesn’t like it. But remember: the military can only use FMJ ammo, no hollow points. A small, fast bullet is more likely to overpenetrate than a fat, slow bullet in FMJ. When they’re both hollow points and both expand and discharge all of their energy in …

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On The Importance of Trying Things You Don’t Like

A few months ago, I bought a flashlight. Not because I didn’t have one I liked. If I could have married the Fenix PD32, I would have. It has momentary activation, a cut down tailcap allowing a syringe hold while shooting, and variable brightness. Usable in “moonlight” mode to help you find your keys or “turbo” to blind an attacker while you drew and fired, it was my perfect light. But it was too big. …

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Want to learn to shoot on the move? Shoot USPSA

Okay. Buckle up. Rant time. Ever shot an IDPA match and been required to “shoot on the move”? Let’s say you start close to some targets and have to shoot while you back up. In a real shooting, you’d be hauling ass backwards while presenting your gun, and maybe start squeezing off rounds from retention. In the match, if you’re looking to have a good score, you stand flat footed while you draw your gun …

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Guns of Television: Heroes Reborn?

Via Twitter, I see that a favorite character from the first season of Heroes will be returning to their spin-off/reboot/back to basics miniseries next year: That’s all well and good, since Noah Bennett was one of many great characters in the first season, which was pretty much the only one worth watching. But what I want to know is if one of my favorite supporting characters will be returning: the Strayer-Voigt Infinity: The signature gun …

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The G2 RIP: a Post-mortem

Around the time the G2 RIP, the Radically Invasive Projectile that would “buzzsaw” through barriers and then burst like a grenade in your target, started going around the gun blogosphere, we were quick to jump on it and point out all of the people demonstrating its flaws. Source: ShootingTheBull410 One of the more amusing videos in that first wave was from ShootingTheBull410 on YouTube, showing that you could get a similar-looking ballistics gel block result …

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The new “gun show loophole”: the “terrorism gap”

In Everytown’s opening salvo against the NRA, they spend a page coining a new term and then drum up a bunch of fear about it: The FBI currently has no authority to block firearm sales to individuals on the country’s terrorist watch lists — so someone deemed too dangerous to board a plane is allowed to buy guns under federal law. Gun owners, including NRA members, overwhelmingly support proposals to close this “terror gap:” a …

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