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Local Folks: You’ll Probably Want to Watch This…

Thursday on the 6PM news, WRAL will be exposing a runaround to NC law that allows people to obtain a concealed carry permit while bypassing NC’s “rigorous” requirements. Here’s the link to their write-up on it. (Watch the video, and look closely at the 22 second mark). I’ll hold off on my thoughts until I see the piece tomorrow evening.

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WRAL’s Publishes Reasonable Piece on Guns

WRAL (the same folks who at one time published a database of concealed carry permit holders in Wake county) published a very reasonable piece on guns yesterday. In the article they reference two young kids who were killed in the area recently after finding an unsecured gun in their home. They actually took the time to go out to PDHSC and interview the staff there about how to safely store a gun, and they show …

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Victory at Last!

WRAL has removed their concealed carry permit holders database! Editor’s Note: Effective Oct. 1, 2013, North Carolina state law requires that county sheriff’s keep confidential the list of those who apply for and are granted permits to carry a concealed weapon. In the spirit of that law, and because the law would preclude the ability to keep any data on concealed carry permits current, WRAL has removed data related to concealed handgun permits from this …

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WRAL CCW Database Still Live

Although HB937 doesn’t take effect for another week and a half, WRAL still has not taken down their database of concealed carry permit holders. If my interpretation of HB937 is correct this database will be illegal come October 1st of this year. I’ll be keeping an eye on this to see if the database comes down before the new law takes effect. We’ll see.

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WRAL Claims to Have Found a Gun Loophole in NC

Tonight at 6:00PM, WRAL news will be airing a program about what they are claiming is a gun buying loophole in NC that lawmakers, police, and gun shop owners all agree needs to be fixed. As we know, WRAL is no friend of gun owners, so this should be an interesting show. What do you think this “loophole” will be? No permit needed for long gun purchases? No background check needed for private sales? Pistol …

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The new gun rights bill in the NC house is awesome

Oooh boy. I gotta watch the state legislature closer. WRAL just dropped this gem of an article talking about a bill I hadn’t heard of in the NC House that passed out of committee today. It would allow handguns to be kept locked up in the car while on college campuses (better than what we have now) and legalize restaurant carry. The article gives the first quote to Paul Valone, President of GRNC, probably meant …

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