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Local Folks: You’ll Probably Want to Watch This…

Thursday on the 6PM news, WRAL will be exposing a runaround to NC law that allows people to obtain a concealed carry permit while bypassing NC’s “rigorous” requirements.

Here’s the link to their write-up on it. (Watch the video, and look closely at the 22 second mark).

I’ll hold off on my thoughts until I see the piece tomorrow evening.

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  1. All I get when I click the link is the: 404 error message.

  2. Got the link. This smacks of utter BS to me. I don’t get WRAL here in Winston. Someone who can see this story, please keeps us apprised of what WRAL is talking about.

  3. I am looking at the 22 second mark and do not see anything, If you are talking about the fact that the guy has the gun set up for a cross draw at 23 second mark, my guess is that they did that to avoid it looking like his penis if the had the gun facing the other way. if that i snot what you are talking about then I am stumped!

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