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WRAL Claims to Have Found a Gun Loophole in NC

Tonight at 6:00PM, WRAL news will be airing a program about what they are claiming is a gun buying loophole in NC that lawmakers, police, and gun shop owners all agree needs to be fixed. As we know, WRAL is no friend of gun owners, so this should be an interesting show.

What do you think this “loophole” will be?

  • No permit needed for long gun purchases?
  • No background check needed for private sales?
  • Pistol Purchase Permits being valid for 5 years?
  • No NICS check for CHP holders?
  • The “Gunshow Loophole” fallacy?

All of those are possible, but I think it will have something to do with people who have been involuntarily committed not getting their information passed along to the NICS center, so their purchases may not get denied when they go to buy a gun. I’m pretty sure that I have a good handle on the gun laws in NC, and I just can’t imagine what else this could be.

If I’m right, and the NICS check system is broken, I don’t really have a problem with fixing it, however I am adamantly opposed to citizens rights being taken away without due process. Until someone has been convicted of a crime, by a judge, he should not lose ANY of his rights. Doctors are not judges, and a doctors opinion is not due process. We’re getting to the point where we are pushing people away from getting help for their mental health issues because they are afraid that they will have their rights taken away of they seek help, and that isn’t good for anyone.

Unfortunately, I’m going to miss this “special” so if any of you see it, please fill me in with a comment below.

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  1. My guess is that the “loophole” they are speaking of is that they don’t call NICS for 4473’s from conceal carry holders. The gun-haters at WRAL would call that a loophole; I call it a welcome respite from freedom-stealing bureaucrats.

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