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WRAL’s Publishes Reasonable Piece on Guns

WRAL (the same folks who at one time published a database of concealed carry permit holders in Wake county) published a very reasonable piece on guns yesterday. In the article they reference two young kids who were killed in the area recently after finding an unsecured gun in their home. They actually took the time to go out to PDHSC and interview the staff there about how to safely store a gun, and they show some of the locks, fast access safes, and other things.

You see, contrary to what the anti-gun crowd would have you believe, responsible, law abiding gun owners don’t think that children should have access to guns. Go watch the video, I thought it was pretty well done.


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  1. Sean D Sorrentino

    Cue the obvious anti-gun Lefties screaming for mandatory “Safe Storage” laws with felony penalties. Because guns are different that those cars no one bothers to lock in safes.

    • Don’t we already basically have a safe storage requirement in NC?

      • Sean D Sorrentino

        Sure, it’s a Class 2 misdemeanor to leave an operable firearm where a child living at the residence accesses it and uses it for something other than self defense. If the child doesn’t live there, it’s not a crime. If the child breaks in and steals it, it’s not a crime (for you).

        What the gun haters want is strict liability laws. You own an inherently dangerous item like a firearm, you’re responsible for everything that happens. Someone steals it, you’re liable. Someone uses it to commit suicide, you’re liable. They want felony punishment for the lack of “safe storage” plus another felony child abuse/manslaughter charge if a child accidentally hurts or kills himself.

        Check out what happens when states like California have a little fun with their safe storage requirements.


        That’s what they want.

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