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North Carolina House Bill 17

North Carolina House Bill 17 was filed today. This bill is being called the “Gun permits/restaurants & confidentiality” bill.

First and foremost, this will addresses the draconian NC concealed carry law that forbids permit holders from carrying firearms in restaurants that serve alcohol.

The rest of the bill covers confidentiality concerning pistol permits in NC, basically making it so the travesty that happened in NY with the newspaper posting a map of legal gun owners cannot happen here in NC.

This is, in it’s current form, a simple 2 page bill that addresses the above issues. I hope it stays that way, and I would expect it to pass pretty easily. It’s not a bad time to start contacting your state legislators to tell them that you support this bill as well.

In theory we should have high hopes for the coming legislative sessions in NC, but we need to stay on top of the legislators, (because they are politicians, and un-checked, politicians will run amok) and we need to keep them on a short rope.

Here’s the full text of the bill in it’s current form.

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  1. don’t forget WRAL posted a similar map last year.

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