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SureFire Shot Timer for iPhone/iPod

Unfortunately, it looks like this app is no longer listed in the Apple App Store. If you are looking for a iOS timer for dry-fire practice, I highly recommend Dry Fire Timer. See my review of it here.

On Monday, I posted about an Android shot timer that I have been using in conjunction with my dry fire practice. I had a couple of emails from readers asking about timers for their iOS devices as well. I’m really an Android guy, but I happen to own an iPod, so I had a quick look in the Apple App Store, and low and behold, I found the SureFire Shot Timer App.

It’s a free app, and while I’m not sure how well it works with live fire, it seems to work fine using the par time function for dry firing.

Anyways, here’s a quick tour of the App. I found it to be pretty simple to setup for dry fire.

Once in the App, you can hit the “Settings” button on the bottom of the screen, and you will find all sorts of things to play with. Primarily for dry fire, I use the par time, start delay, and random start settings. You can set them up however you like, my settings are mirrored in the above picture.

After getting the settings where you want them, hit the timer button, and you are good to go.

That’s really about it. My only complaint about this timer is that it doesn’t have the same “beep” noise as most other timers. Not really a big deal, but if I could change that about it, I’d like the App a whole lot better.

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  1. The app seems to be gone from the App Store ???

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