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Dryfiretimer.com Dry Fire Timer for iOS

Recently the developer from the Dryfiretimer.com iOS app contacted me and asked if I would check out his app. If you have seen the overviews that I have done for other smart phone shot timers, you know that both of them left something to be desired. When the folks from Dryfiretimer.com contacted me, I was happy to give their app a try.

Right off the bat, I downloaded the app to my 4th Gen iPod Touch. When you open the app, you will see a “sample drill” page setup to run multiple strings of a particular drill, each with their own par time. This is helpful because you can practice running the drill slowly with no par time, then slowly work your way up faster and faster without having to constantly re-set your timer. Once you hit the play button, the app will give you a “stand by” command, and then there is a random start anywhere between 2-5 seconds before the beep. The app will continue through that string until finished. Once the string is finished, it will tell you that the string is finished, and then it will begin the next string, and so on until the entire drill is finished.

If you have been listening to the podcast, you may know that I’ve begun to work through Steve Anderson’s “Refinement and Repetition” dry fire book in an effort to make USPSA A Class, and this timer app is the perfect complement to the book.

From the “sample drill” page of the app, if you swipe the screen to the right, the app will reveal a menu where you can program in additional drills. This is a feature that makes this dry-fire app stand out among the other apps that I have tried.

This allows me to enter in the drills from the dry-fire program I am using, and they will remain saved in the app until I change them. When I’m doing upwards of 30 different drills, this saves me from having to keep writing down my par times, and trying to remember what times I use for a particular drill.

Once you have the strings entered in the drill, changing the par times on all of the strings is just a click away by using the “Par Shift” buttons. Each click changes the par by 1/20th of a second, so as you progress in your training, you don’t have to edit each string individually.

I’ve used this app for my last three dry-fire sessions, and one of the biggest advantages that I’ve found is that it is allowing me to get a lot more practice in the same amount of time, because I don’t have to keep fiddling with the timer to change par times. Once I finish a drill, I just swipe to the next one, and hit play. Even if you have a real shot timer that you use for dry-fire, the advantages offered by the Dryfiretimer.com app are large enough that you should consider trying it out.

You can find the Dryfiretimer.com app is available in the Apple App store for $8.99 at the time of this article being posted. Given the amount of time this app will save you, I can tell you that it is worth the fee.

Full Disclosure: I was provided with a free copy of this app to review. That being said, I would not hesitate to purchase the app if I was going to add it to another device.


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