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GRNC: Dinner and a Movie 10/1/2013

As you certainly know, on October 1, 2013, Restaurant carry becomes the law of the land in North Carolina. On the same day, we will also be allowed to carry concealed in places that charge admission.

GRNC has organized a “Dinner and a Movie” event in several cities across the state:

GRNC Dinner and a Movie: Celebrate restaurant carry when it takes effect on October 1 by joining GRNC in Asheville, Hickory, Charlotte (Matthews), Greensboro, Durham or Fayetteville. Where? Texas Roadhouse restaurants, which have already promised they will not post against concealed carry. For info: [email protected] or call 877-282-0939.

I’ll definitely be at the Durham dinner, not sure if I’ll make the movie. I hope to see you there…

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