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Torture Test “Reviews”

A trend seems to have swept the gun and gear community over the past couple of years that I don’t really understand: torturing items with things they would never encounter in the real world.

Dragging a Glock behind a pickup down a dirt road doesn’t tell us anything about the reliability, accuracy, or function of the pistol. It just tells us that in that instance we didn’t get enough garbage inside the pistol to stop it from working. Blowing up rifles, throwing things out of helicopters, packing guns with guacamole, etc, really doesn’t tell us anything about the product, unless you plan on invading a field of avocados.

On the same note, does shooting a gun 2000 times without cleaning it tell us anything about the overall reliability of the gun? If a gun malfunctions after 1000 rounds, or after 2000, or 5000, is that really saying anything about the overall reliability of the gun?

Is it entertaining? Sure.

Is it fun for the person doing the torture test? Yep.

Should you make a decision to purchase or not purchase a product based on any of these videos? Nope.

Far too many people love or hate a product based on some of these unrealistic expectations that are put out in some of these torture tests. I’m more of a fan of realistic tests that put gear through realistic scenarios.

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