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Thanks for the iTunes Reviews!

A couple weeks back we put out the call for some more iTunes reviews for the podcast. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of our audience uses iTunes or other Apple devices to consume the show, so getting those reviews in iTunes really helps us to grow!

Percentage of Podcast Downloads by Technology

Since putting out the call, y’all have really come through for us, so much so that this morning we’re listed in the Top 5 Outdoor podcasts in iTunes!

We really appreciate the support, and seeing the show grow, and be ranked near the top like this gives us a lot more motivation to keep recording the shows every week!

If you haven’t left us an iTunes review yet, you can do so by clicking the iTunes button below. I’ve also included the Stitcher Smart Radio button, and a button just for the podcast feed if you are using an app like Podkicker for Android or something like it:

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Thanks for the support!

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