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Lenny MaGill: New Singlestack 9mm Glock Coming This Year

According to a recently published video from Guns.com where they interviewed Lenny MaGill from Glockstore.com, MaGill says “I do hear that Glock’s coming out with a 9mm singlestack this year.”

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Yeah, even with the Springfield XDs 9mm, and the new S&W Shield no-safety, I’m still really wanting a single stack 9mm Glock. I think we all know it’s inevitable at this point, but it’s encouraging to hear from someone in the business that this pistol could be coming this year. I have to imagine that MaGill is on pretty good terms with the folks at Glock, being that his store sells more of them than anyone, I feel like this message about the singlestack 9mm Glock unicorn coming from him must be a deliberate thing. We’ll see.

Interestingly, if you listen closely to the video you’ll notice right at 1:24 when MaGill says “9 millimeter” the audio clips a little, and they are still showing b-roll on the video. After editing every episode of the Triangle Tactical Podcast, I’ve gotten pretty good at listening to audio for clips and edits. When editing the audio portion of a video, it’s common practice to add in b-roll otherwise you get a jump in the video (sort of like the style that Colion Noir shoots his talking head videos). This indicates to me that there was some sort of an edit in the video right at that spot. It’s possible that MaGill just fumbled a word and they edited it, but it’s bound to make the tin-foil hatters come out of the woodwork.


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