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Would You Buy a Painted Gun?

I recently had the opportunity to purchase a pistol that had been painted (ceracoat), but I wasn’t able to close the deal.

To me, removing the factory finish on the pistol, and applying something else is always inferior to the factory finish.

Would you purchase a pistol that had been painted after it left the factory?

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  1. It would really depend on the finish and color.

    • Fair enough, so just the fact of the gun being refinished wouldn’t detract you from buying it if they did a good job with it? Would you expect a price reduction due to the modification?

      • As long as it’s a professional refinished job, with receipt for proof, then I don’t think it would detract much value for me. But, I would already have to like the finish and color.

  2. No, I think it is goofy as all get out,

    Personally, I think it is the quickest way to de-value a firearm but people keep doing it for some reason. I have been watching a DP CRP 2011 languish in the classifieds because some guy thought it would be the “bee-knees” to ceracote it a burnished brown. It still hasn’t sold.

  3. I’d only buy it if it was in the Hello Kitty Camoflauge pattern. I’m a sucker for that.

    Otherwise, I’d assume paint would tend to make the gun less reliable. It seems like something an inveterate tinkerer would do, and the more “customized” a gun is, the less likely I am to trust it.

    One more thought about used guns. I’m shocked by the number of people in online forums saying they bought a gun but could never get it to shoot reliably or accurately, so they sold it — presumably without telling the buyer it had an issue.

    With that realization humming along in the background, I decided new guns aren’t all that expensive (at least not the kind I buy).

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