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Be Wary of “Cheap” CCW Instructors

350 concealed carry permit holders in South Carolina are having their permits revoked after it has been found that the instructor was not providing the required training.

I’ve said before that I didn’t really learn anything from my concealed carry class, but my instructor did do a good job of fulfilling the state requirements for the class. Several years ago when I took my class, classes were generally going for about $150 in this part of North Carolina, but in the years since I’ve seen prices drop through the floor, with many classes being advertised in the area for $50.

I can’t say that these cheap classes are better or worse than the more expensive ones, but as with anything in life, you generally get what you pay for. Somewhat frequently I get questions from readers about X training compant and if I know whether or not they are a good class. I honestly don’t know most of the time. The guy that taught my class was good, and I’d recommend him, if I could remember his name…

All this to say: If you take a concealed carry class, make sure that it meets the state requirements. If it doesn’t, get your money back, and raise a fuss. By skirting the requirements, an instructor isn’t saving you from a few boring hours, but rather putting your ability to defend yourself in jeopardy.

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  1. The requirements are joke to get a CCW. But, to do it right, would take close to 80 hours class room and a good 2 days of range time.

  2. Also, understand that the required class is a CYA by the state to be able to says the CCW permit holders have reviewed the law. The required training doesn’t include how to carry effectively, it is a review of the law and a verification of very basic shooting skills.

    All that said, I took a ladies-only class at the Wake County Range and was very pleased with the experience.

  3. I don’t understand why they have to turn in their permit. Why not say “if you take a state approved course within 30 days, you may keep your permit”

    • You shouldn’t try to make sense of the actions of Government. I agree though, these people have been carrying for how long now without incident?

  4. My CCW instructor did us the supreme favor of letting us know how bad things could get for you after a shooting — even if the shooting was a “good” one.

    He didn’t want to deter us, but he did have a sobering effect on at least a couple of people in the class, who seemed to think they were being given a license to play Supercop instead of a permit to carry something which could lead your family living in a cardboard box by the side of the road.

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