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Travis Haley’s facebook status after the Aurora, CO tragedy.

Below is an excerpt from Travis Haley’s facebook status after the Aurora, CO mass shooting: Fact: The majority of concealed carry and open carry armed citizens are a liability. Just because you go through a 1 day course doesn’t not mean that you can problem solve an armored active shooter in a never expected, dark, tear gassed disruptive environment with screaming people while stepping over dead bodies. You must understand advanced applications under stress. Just …

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“Gunshow Loophole” Rant.

Anybody ever heard the media talk about the “gunshow loophole” when pushing a gun control agenda? I’m here to tell you that there is no such thing as a gunshow loophole. When one goes to a gunshow, and buys a firearm from a federally licensed dealer, he must pass the same instant background check that he would have to pass if he walked into a regular gun store. This is the case in all 50 …

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North Carolina and the “State of Emergency” gun ban.

A few months ago, a federal court tossed out an NC state law that gave the Governor the right to restrict the transportation of firearms during a state of emergency. This was a particularly large thorn in the side of gun owners in the state, as many feel like I do, that during an emergency is probably the time that I will need my firearm the most. As we rolled through hurricane season the the …

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Brian Aitken Conviction Overturned!

Brian Aitken was arrested in New Jersey a few years back for being in possession of legally owned firearms, and hollow point ammo. Brian ended up being sentenced to seven years in prison under New Jersey’s ludicrous gun laws for being in possession of his own, legally owned firearms. Yes, I typed that correctly. Here it is again : Brian was sentenced to seven years in prison under New Jersey’s ludicrous gun laws for being …

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Is every elected official from New York a complete idiot?

The NRA news team interviewed Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel from NY, who is leading the way on the NY microstamping bill. “…sometimes the responsible people, the law abiding people, have to give up some of their liberty to make sure for the public safety of all.” Microstamping is the rediculous idea of having a firearm stamp a code onto the brass when it is fired, to somehow try to link the fired brass to the firearm …

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