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Glock 43 Compared to Other Pistols

Y’all asked for it, and here it is. Once again, I need to inform everyone of the numbers I’m using to makes the comparison images. I’m using the picture of the Glock 43 that is going around the internet today sized by the numbers listed in the picture of the Recoil magazine page in this post (6.26″ Overall Length). I traced the picture below into a vector image, and then laid it over other vector images from other popular pistols.

Disclaimer: I don’t have a Glock 43 yet, and this process is FAR from perfect. Images of the different guns were taken at slightly different angles, which can make things look off a little here or there, but this should be good enough to give you a basic ides of the size of this new Glock 43, assuming the numbers I’m working with are correct. (Last year I got incorrect numbers for the Remington R51 and almost broke the internet.)

(One last thing: The Glock 43 is always the red pistol in the pictures below…)

What do I think about the Glock 43?

I’m excited about it. A lot of people are complaining about the 6+1 capacity, and I would have preferred to see 7+1, however after making all of the graphics listed above I think I’m alright with 6+1, because it looks like this Glock 43 should be an actual “pocket” nine, whereas the XDs and Shield are both a little large for my pockets. It looks like a winner, hopefully I’ll have one in hand in a few weeks. Glad it’s finally here!

Edit: I finally got to shoot a Glock 43, and its pretty good. If you want to hear about it, we talk about it a bit near the beginning of episode 130 of the Triangle Tactical Podcast. You can also find it in iTunes or Stitcher.

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  1. Thanks for the comparisons, though it would have been handy if you also posted a picture, being as pictures are as close as Californians are getting to a G43.

    Speaking of guns I can’t have, what’s the word on the R51 — did they ever issue the “fixed” version?

  2. I’m not sure how you figure that the 43 will be a better “pocket pistol” than the XDs. It looks to me like they are almost identical in size, and the XDs is thinner. Can you explain?

    • Shorter grip. When O had the XDs 9mm the end of the grip wanted to poke out of my pocket.

      • To be honest, I’m really disappointed in the 43 from what I’ve seen so far. With only a 6+1 capacity in 9mm, I would rather carry my XDs .45 with 5+1. Basically the same size and much more powerful. I was hoping it would be smaller than my XDs and hold at least 7+1. I was all set to order one, but now I don’t think I will. I love Glocks and have several others, but I think this one is a no-go for me.

      • Ordered mine, will be here April 10. $359.

    • That’s the whole point of the single stack. It’s going to be pretty thin.

    • Which XD are speaking of? Because this Glock is a single stack & its not much bigger than glocks latest 380? (Tiny) I must admit I love the XD single stack with the 4 ” barrel. You can always conceal a barrel nose down but seldom ever a thick grip. Especially a grip as thick as my g26 (major print)

      • I said the XDs, not the XD. The XDs is 1.0″. The G43 is thicker. Both are 6.3″ long.

      • Having shot the G43 now, it may be wider than the XDs at its thickest point, but there’s no practical width difference between the XDs and G43.

  3. Lucas, good overlay!

    However, the frame of the 42 and 43 are the same, so the only thing different between them is the slide (size-wise).

    • That shouldn’t have been so declarative. I should’ve added “from what I’ve read” at the end of them being the same size.

      • Im under the impression that the G43 frame is a little bigger than the 42. If they are the same size, the 43 will be a great size.

    • Tactical Tightwad

      The frame of the G42 and G43 are not the same. The G43 is longer in the grip area to accomodate the longer 9mm round.

  4. Looks like the Kahr is still the best true pocket 9.

    • I guess if you define best as smallest, you could come to that conclusion.

    • “Looks like the Kahr is still the best true pocket 9.”

      Might be for me (we can buy it here in CA). But the lone specimen I handled had a gritty feel to it (both the slide and the trigger). You experienced anythingn like that?

      • Mine was a little gritty from the factory but I detail stripped it and cleaned and lubricated it and it’s butter smooth now. Long trigger but it’s very smooth, I’m not willing to go up in size for no more capacity and possibly a slightly better trigger.

      • I used to own a CM9. It was the worst trigger I ever shot. It was so mushy I could never tell when it was going to fire. I want a clean, crisp break. Never again. I have also owned a Beretta Nano, which is about the same size. I liked it much better than the Kahr. The only complaint about the Nano was the flush mount magazine. The base plate would not stay firmly attached and kept wanting to slide off.

    • Yes i have the p9, use an iwb holster but clip it to the inside of my front jeans pocket. With a shirt to cover no one can ever see it..

  5. I enjoy the overlay of various popular pistols, though I’m curious why the omission of the walther PPS 9mm? It is thinner than the G43 uses a similar striker/trigger mechanism, and has optional capacities of 6/7/ and even 8 rounds of single stack 9mm fun. I’ll check out the g43, but if you want a very reliable and well designed pocket pistol, the PPS may well reign supreme. I’ve yet to find something to match it.

  6. As long as you use ab IWB holster there no reason not to carry a G17 or G22.

  7. Hey Lucas,

    Just stumbled on your post here, would love to see it compared to a Sig P938. Agree on the XD-S/Shield not really being pocketable, but the 938 seems to be very popular as an actual pocket 9.

    Thanks for the effort!

    • Agreed. I made this list just off of suggestions from the folks on our Facebook page.

    • i agree. p938 goes in my right pocket with ease. even with extented grip(7+1) and its smaller,lighter and all metal pistol. The sao trigger will put glock trigger to shame and be more accurate all day long.

  8. Need to add a Sig 938 in there.

  9. This was great, but for a true carry comparison, whether you include the PPS or not, you HAVE to include the Walther CCP. I mean it has “carry” in its name! Concealed carry pistol!

    • Please no, its a terrible firearm.

      • Bought the ccp 3 weeks ago for my wife,I’m a glock man myself but why???? all the negative coments on the walther ccp,we’ve put approxametly 400 rnds threw it and not the first problem. Haven’t cleaned it yet but it done very well in my book,but like I said I’m a glock man all the way

      • I got to review one for the company I do reviews for. It was an awful pistol. Too big for its capacity, finicky, hard to take down and put back together, and a trigger that isn’t that great. No thanks

  10. I love Glocks. My favorite pistol is my G19. I waited for Glock to produce a single stack 9mm and was through waiting when they did not announce it at SHOT in January. After much research, comparisons, and test firing numerous single stack 9s, I purchased a Walther PPS a month ago. It’s very accurate, recoil is softer compared to other ss 9s, and I actually prefer the mag release. It has not had any hiccups, and loves the cheap Federal aluminum rounds sold at Walmart for only $9.95. I don’t like the PPS trigger or slide as much as those on Glock. My LGD said he’d gladly take my PPS as a trade in for the G43 because it has strong resale value and would be easy to sell. But I’m not inclined to do it. Why? The G43 is 6mm wider than my PPS. And that can make a big difference in the comfort factor of IWB concealed carry. I felt a night-and-day difference with IWB comfort when going from my G19 to my PPS. The G43 is exactly half way between my PPS and G19: 6mm more than the PPS; 6mm less than the G19. I’m sure the G43 will be a great pistol. It will be better than the G19 for IWB carry. But the PPS is even better for that purpose.

    • As far as I can tell, its only 6mm wider at the widest point (which is the little bump out on the frame where the slide release is) and the rest of the pistol is much thinner.

      If you haven’t already, checkout episode 68 of the podcast where we put the Shield, XDs, and PPS up against each other at the range: http://triangletactical.net/68

      • You’re right that my measurements are incorrect. I checked the stats as provided online. My understanding is the following for widths:

        G19: 30mm
        G43: 26mm
        PPS: 23mm (.9″)

        In this case, the G43 is almost precisely in-between the G19 and PPS. The PPS is still noticeably thinner. I’ll look forward to handling and shooting the G43 and keep an open mind.

        I’ll add that when I was looking for a .380 last year, I shot the G42 and Sig P238 together. They were both nice. I wanted to go with the G42, since I love my G19 so much and wanted to stay with a similar pistol. But the G42 was much different in my hand than the G19 and I found it difficult to hit the target unless I aimed very high. However, the Sig was dead on in my hands. So, I went with the Sig. Since the G43 appears close in size to the G42 I wonder if I’ll have the same challenge.

      • Interesting that you had trouble with it. I was nailing headboxes at 40y with the G42

  11. Aside from the fact that I dislike Glocks, I would not sell my XDS .45 for a G43. Just wouldn’t do it. Wouldn’t make sense.

    • You’re probably right that it isn’t worth making the switch for, but if you didn’t have the XDs and were shopping for a singlestack, I’d imagine you would give the Glock a good hard look, no?

  12. Another request for the SIG938. Thanks! Great graphics. Very visually helpful and useful!

  13. Glock is late to the party. P938 or pm9 over Glock’s late arrival.

  14. I am in the for the 938 comparison also.

  15. The Glock 43 is way too snappy for me. It was not worth the wait

  16. Did the sig 938 get posted as a comparison?

  17. If you really want to add just one round to the magazine, try this kit. http://magguts.com/shop/glock-42 I am using their kits for my Bodyguard .380 and have had no issues.

  18. Thank you for the images, but I would have liked to be able to see the overlay with the top of the slides lined up. Would be easier to see the difference in grip length and bore axis. I have the Shield and PM9, passed on the PPS for the only fault I could find with it – the (ridiculous IMO) unconventional mag release. Glock 43 feels smaller in hand than the specs seem to indicate.

  19. I personally love using glocks, and I am sure this’ll be no exception. Cheers

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