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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.

No Digital Copy of Durham County Gun Registry

On Monday, the Durham County Sheriffs Office posted online about shredding the decades old gun registry that was made illegal earlier this year by the state legislature. This was a huge win for us, but after the dust settled, many of us were left wondering whether or not this was just political theater right before election time. Could they have made all of the pomp and circumstance about shredding the paper copies of the gun …

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[NSFW] CSGV “Mean Tweets”

The rabid anti-gunners at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence released a video yesterday where they read mean tweets that they were directed towards them on Twitter. NC’s own Sean Sorrentino, and Bob Owens were both featured. The video contains some salty language, but its pretty hilarious:

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BREAKING: Durham County Shreds Gun Registry!

This is great news! Here’s the actual Facebook post from the Durham County Sheriff’s Office. The Durham gun registry was made illegal earlier this year, and there was some contention as to what should happen to the registry which contained registered guns going back all the way to 1935. Today there’s no more question, as the registry has been shredded! Durham County, NC residents, today you are a little more free. Congrats! (H/T Aaron Leff)

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Be Wary of “Cheap” CCW Instructors

350 concealed carry permit holders in South Carolina are having their permits revoked after it has been found that the instructor was not providing the required training. I’ve said before that I didn’t really learn anything from my concealed carry class, but my instructor did do a good job of fulfilling the state requirements for the class. Several years ago when I took my class, classes were generally going for about $150 in this part …

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ZOMG! Machine Gun Rentals!

Yesterday WRAL wrote a piece about the now under construction Triangle Shooting Academy and in the article they had quote from someone calling the opening of the range “unnerving”, but other than that, the article was pretty tame. The best part of the article was one of the comments where an uninformed antigunner nearly had their head explode about the machine gun rentals at the range: I would have been all for this, too – …

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California Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoes Anti-Gun Bill

Whoa. This is rather surprising given Brown’s willingness to sign all of the other anti-gun bills that have been sent his way. If you don’t believe it, here’s the .pdf hosted right on the ca.gov website. I am interested how he can realize that this bill would not help advance public safety, but his ridiculous handgun roster, that allows Gen3 Glocks to be sold in the state, but not Gen4 Glocks (because of their extra …

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Press Conference with Ag Comm Troxler on CCW at NC State Fair

Earlier today, Sean from NCGunBlog.com gave me a heads up about a press conference that was about to take place with NC State Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. Thankfully I was able to make it to the event just in time. Here’s the video: At the event, a sign was set up was set up next to Mr. Troxler stating that weapons, including concealed handguns are prohibited at the State Fair in accordance with NCGS 14-269.3. …

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GRNC Takes on Ag Commissioner Troxler

A few weeks back I posted that I had been informed that GRNC was looking into the NC State Fair being posted against concealed carry in (what I believe to be) violation of state law. According to the most recent GRNC Alert the good folks over there had a meeting with NC Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler today regarding the issue, and they were unable to come to terms. Check out the GRNC Alert on the …

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How Do The Professionals Prepare For A Match?

A new (to me at least) YouTube channel called 2AlphaGear posted this video recently where they ask the professional shooters about the number 1 thing they do to prepare for a match: The number one answer: gear checks. Randi Rogers mentioned getting in some dry fire before heading out to the range, but for the most part all of the shooters interviewed talked about checking gear instead of trying to get in tons of last …

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